About Truckee River TU

The Truckee River and the myriad creeks, stillwaters, springs and tailwaters that flow into it, is home to some of the country’s best trout fishing, and the Town of Truckee, CA sits smack dap in the middle of this angler’s paradise. The Truckee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited – Charter Chapter #103 - officially formed in 2009 by a group of young, passionate anglers who wanted to “give a little back” to the waters that had become an integral part of their lives. Truckee might be famous for its powder skiing in the winter, but that might be slowly changing, as Truckee River TU ison a mission to conserve, protect and restore the world-class fisheries of this lesser-known western trout town.We are a group of passionate anglers, guides and small business owners dedicated to the trout rich waters of the Truckee. Join us!

About the River

The Truckee River is a major watershed on the Eastern Sierra that bisects the states of California and Nevada. The river flows northeasterly and is 121 miles long after in exits the shores of Iconic Lake Tahoe near Tahoe City, CA. There are 63 tributaries that enter Lake Tahoe, however the Truckee is the sole outlet that drains the lake and surrounding high Sierra Nevada mountains, eventually emptying into Pyramid Lake in the Great Basin.The river has a mix of wild Lahontan cutthroat in its headwaters to trophy wild Rainbow and Brown trout in its lower reaches along with native Mountain Whitefish. An angler’s odyssey to explore the Truckee River from its source in the snowcapped peaks of Meiss Meadows to its terminus in the Nevada desert at Pyramid Lake unlocks the rivers secrets and shows the deep variety of experiences the Truckee offers. Large wild trout abound for those that are patient, passionate and persistent.

Our Mission

To conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

Our Vision

By the next generation, Trout Unlimited will ensure that robust populations of native and wild coldwater fish once again thrive within their North American range, so that our children can enjoy healthy fisheries in their home waters.

About the "National Arm" of the orginization

Trout Unlimited also maintains an office in Historic Downtown Truckee operated by two full-time staff members since 2007. Today TU is a national organization with more than 140,000 volunteers organized into about 400 chapters from Maine to Montana to Alaska. This dedicated grassroots army is matched by a respected staff of lawyers, policy experts and scientists, who work out of more than 30 offices nationwide. These conservation professionals ensure that TU is at the forefront of fisheries restoration work at the local, state and national levels.